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I feel privileged and blessed to have been able to watch Jonathan perform both solo and with a Rat Pack Tribute Band. His cool swagger and soothing voice is a joy to hear! I love that he keeps his website events updated so I can plan ahead. See you soon!
Hi Jonathan: As always, we enjoy listening to you sing. Last night was no exception. Looking forward to catching your performance at Yoshi's, San Francisco on August 19,2009. We wish you all the luck and success you truly deserve. Best regards, Lou and Diane Ghiglieri
You sing My Funny Valentine like no one else in the world.
Jon-- Your doppelganger here--you've come a long way from Doug Simon's wedding as well! Congratulations, keep up the terrific work, and call me when you're in NYC!
Hey fellow Scorpio, no gigs this year for your birthday??? How can I celebrate without you!!
Jon, you've come a long way since singing in your parents basement!!!
Jonathan..we are probably related but I still can say sincerely that you are one great performer. Possibly the greatest today. Keep it going.
Your brother Andrew gave me your website. I love jazz and the old standards, the big bands. I am near Buffalo, NY--Awesome sample of your CD
Just heard you for the first time on "Jazz, Ballads and Blues" on Public Radio. WOW!! Of course I immediately purchased your CD "A Lot of Livin' to Do". Absolutely awesome! If you are ever performing within a few hundred miles of my hometown, you can be sure I will be there! Jessica
Saw you last night for the first time at Shanghai 1930 and really enjoyed the show. We look forward to seeing/hearing you again!
We thoroughly enjoyed your great performance last night at Shanghai's. We were blown away and so impressed with your wonderful voice and performance. It is truly apparent that you love what you do and you sing from your heart. We're looking forward to seeing you again and again. Ciao. Lou and Diane Ghiglieri
I loved being part of your special evening including taping of your new CD "Live at Yoshi's" last night. Six degrees of Elena introduced me to you last summer at the Orinda House and made me a fan. The Oracle Arena should be next!
It was so fun to see you on the New Year's Eve show on KRON! Congrats on all your sucess. Silke Vom Bauer (Jakob's mom) and I were just talking about how we need to go see you perform. Here's hoping I can make it happen in '08. Take care, Lara Starr (Max's mom - DayCaring alum)
Jonathan you were fabulous last night! What a perfect end to a wonderful evening at Bing's! (I am the lady who asked if you ever sing "Someone To Watch Over Me") I acquired a love of the "standards" from my grandfather and hearing them performed so mellifluously warms my heart. I hope to catch another show very soon. Thank you again, Tanya
Great show last night, Jonathan! Kitty and I met you for the first time last night at Bing's. I drive with your Dad. We will be looking forward to your next gig and not so many "chatter boxes!" Got a bit noisy, but we were still able to enjoy your fabulous voice. Hope to see you soon....... Dave
Hey Jonathan, once again you were exceptional at Shanghai even if you were getting sick. Great entertainment on the dance floor too... Are you at the Throckmorton Sunday night??? Looks like you aren't! We were going to go!!!
will you be coming up to West Sonoma County area any time soon? Thank you
Hi, another great performance! Just put your card on the prison wall as a reminder - (I work in a Juv.Det.facility) Have a great day!
Hey Jonathan, loved your performance once again at Orinda House. My friends and I will be celebrating our Scorpio birthdays in Mill Valley at your performance and maybe for your birthday in November as well. Hope to see you at the Claremont Resort one of these days. You would fit right in! We love you. Joan
My wife and I enjoyed hearing you so much at the Ledson Hotel in Sonoma Saturday night! Traveled all the way from Austin as we can't even get this great stuff in "The Live Music Capitol of the World!" Wow... Mel on steroids!
looking forward to seeing you at Ledson
Had a rare night out and saw a marvelous show 8/23/07 at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. You were never better and that range...oh my god you were on. You are a God send at this time of few great vocalists. Thank you from a true Son said WOW!
Hi Jonathan, What a great show! We, Mike Briganti, my partner Eric, and I, really enjoyed you. I'm so glad you are doing this. I do think if Felix could've sung a quick tune when we did "The Odd Couple", he would've had a much easier time with the Pigeon Sisters!!! Best of luck to you. We'll come again sometime. Elizabeth Kanasky
Hi Jonathan, I met you last night at Yoshi's and had to check out your website. I plan to see your show at Shanghai and look forward to it! Joan
Hey Jon, Love the website, can't wait to receive the ordered CD. You are looking fantastic and I'm stick'n with the nickname "The velvet haze" for you. Here's to you and your the best guy I know.... Love ya, John
hi jonathan, i enjoy listening to your great CD 'a lot of livin' to do'... thank you, anthony

Who Is Jonathan Poretz?

     Some say he was born with a microphone in his hand.  That would explain why Pacific Coast Jazz artist Jonathan Poretz is so comfortable performing his brand of great American jazz standards to audiences large and small. 

     He has written and starred in several highly acclaimed shows, including "Sex, Swagger & Swing: Sinatra and Darin in the Concert That Never Was," and "Sinatra, Dino, Darin and Davis -- When Vegas Was VEGAS!", which made its bi-coastal debut at Feinstein’s at the Nikko in San Francisco and Feinstein’s/54 Below in New York City.

     His latest jazz CD, At Last… Songs For Elena, is scheduled for release on the Pacific Coast Jazz label in September 2018.

Sex, Swagger & Swing Promo

When Vegas Was VEGAS! Promo

Where He'll Be

  • January 31, 2020
    Club Deluxe, San Francisco, CA
  • March 6, 2020
    Top Of The Mark - Mark Hopkins Hotel, SF, San Francisco
  • March 7, 2020
    Top Of The Mark - Mark Hopkins Hotel, SF, San Francisco

Where He's Been

    * Feinstein's at the Nikko, San Francisco

    * Feinstein's/54 Below, New York City

    * SFJazz, San Francisco

    * The Sound Room, Oakland, CA

    * Yoshi's, Oakland, CA

    * Yoshi's, San Francisco

    * Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, CA

    * Lesher Center, Walnut Creek, CA

    * Bankhead Theater, Livermore, CA  

    * Firehouse Theater, Pleasanton, CA

    * Montgomery Theater, San Jose, CA

    * Grand Theater, Tracy, CA

    * The Arkley Theater, Eureka, CA

    * The Rrazz Room, San Francisco

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